Passengers: 6 Iphone Charger: Yes Fully Insured: Yes
Interior: Black Leather On Board Drinks: Yes Smoking: No
DVD Player: Yes On Board Snacks: Yes Surround Sound: Yes
On Board Wifi: Yes Bag Capacity: 5 LCD Screens: Yes

A class of elite SUVs built particularly for our valued clients. This top-of-the-line category contains the functional luxury SUV Chevrolet Suburban, GMC Yukon XL and GMC Yukon Denali, and to deliver an unrivaled safe and private experience. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and connection technologies, our SUVs promise easy productivity without sacrificing your privacy and security. Suitable for your executive transportation, secret meetings, or covert travel arrangements, our invisible luxury SUV is painstakingly crafted to respond to your demanding demands. Enjoy an upgraded sample and discreet travel experience, where every element is precisely designed to provide your total happiness and peace of mind.

*Our luxury SUVs are available for transfers or hourly (2-hour minimum)